Goldenwoods Condos

Goldenwoods Condos on Powderhorn Mountain

goldenwoods condos

The Goldenwoods Condominums are about as close as you can get to the Powderhorn slopes without being ski in ski out. The walk from the front door might take you a whole two minutes. Just enough time to get your mind right for a day on the hill.

To give it to you straight, Goldenwoods is all about value. They have built their units with plenty of room, but not bejeweled with tons of cosmetic appointments that only drive up the cost. Expect to find laminate counters, not granite. Expect to find the standard wood table and chairs, not the latest in mountain rustic dining. Everything is nice and clean here, but these places were constructed with value family vacations in mind and not luxury. Don’t take this as a strike against the Goldenwoods. This is merely how things are. And here’s where it all pays off.

Goldenwoods Condominium Rates

Winter Rates

1 Bedroom with Fireplace

1 Bedroom with Jaccuzi

2 Bedroom with Fireplace

3 Bedroom with Fireplace

The rates are between $40-$60/night more expensive during the Holidays, which is typically Dec 20 thru Jan 7ish. Also, rates are $50/night cheaper in the summer, but this is a ski site, so forget I said that.

The real thing you want to pay attention to is the cost. Go to any other ski area in Colorado–there are 24 in total–and find a 2 or 3 bedroom condo that is a two minute walk to the slopes for less than $300. I DARE YOU! They just don’t exist. And this is all from smart building and planning and you get to have a nice ski vacation for not much money and not much hassle. Lucky you.

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