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2019-2020 Powderhorn Lift Tickets

For every skier and rider on the hill using the chair lifts, you must purchase a Powderhorn lift ticket or have a season pass. Tickets can be purchased from the window(s) that are in the Base Lodge on what is their first floor, facing the slopes. Here are the listed prices for the 2019-2020 ski season.

Ticket Category Ticket Window Our Price Deals
Adults Full Day (Ages 15-64) $79 N/A
Adult Half Day $64 N/A
Kids Full Day (7-12) $39 N/A
Senior (65-74) $39 N/A
Senior (80+) $19 N/A


Discount Powderhorn Lift Tickets

We typically have Powderhorn discount lift tickets if you are able to book online a little bit in advance (typically a day or two). The discounts are usually just a few dollars off per day because Powderhorn had the cheapest prices in the whole state this year. But every little bit can help if you have a big group or are skiing several days with a family.

Something to Note About Powderhorn Lift Ticket Prices

You might look at some particular sections of prices and wonder what Powderhorn’s problem is, but we’d like to offer a little explanation. First, as mentioned, their prices are among the lowest in the state. You literally could not find a cheaper window rate in Colorado than at Powderhorn during 2019-20. (There were some cheaper discounts to other mountains like Loveland and Arapahoe Basin, but as far as window rates, they were the cellar.) Second, all resorts have ski pass calculus that they play with their clientele. Some hills attract seniors, some attract children, some draw families, some couples, some locals, and so on.

If you are used to kids 5 and under skiing free at other resorts, yes that is typically the norm. But there are other things at play at those resorts.

If you are accustomed to skiing free if you are over 70, yes that is also the norm at other resorts.

But let us refer you back to their overall pricing, which, again, is the cheapest. Other resorts have enormous, bloated lift pass prices, such as Vail’s $209/day window rate, twice that of Powderhorn’s. Your little ones and super-seniors ski free there but everyone else is being taken to the cleaners. Powderhorn prices the way they do because they feel that an overall lower price and charging everyone who is using the lifts is the most attractive offer to the consumer, while also economical enough to keep the hill open.

Powderhorn Half Day Lift Tickets

As with every mountain, Powderhorn offers half day lift tickets and even quarter day. Better still—and this is unusual for most resorts—they offer a half day pass in the morning, which is excellent. While it’s easy to show up late to any resort, often people aren’t leaving first thing in the morning and want to ski a few runs without paying for the whole day. Powderhorn recognizes this and rewards you mighty skiers who want to squeeze every drop out of their time here.

900a – 1200p: $53

1200p – 400p: $64

200p – 400p: $42

Powderhorn Season Passes

Powderhorn has Season Passes that usually go on sale starting in late February and will often continue on through the start of the following season, up to the point where it no longer becomes viable for either party. Read more about Powderhorn Season Passes.

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