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Valley View Condos in Powderhorn

valley view condos powderhorn

The Valley View Condos are located just a few steps away from Powderhorn Mountain. And by a few steps, we mean that it will take about 3-4 minutes to walk to the chairlifts from your condo door. There are only two other lodging facilities–Goldenwoods and Slopeside–that are closer.

Here’s the thing about Vallye View Condos. I can’t find a good online source to point you to. In the above link, I have the closest thing I could find. This worries me a little. But just a little. The condos are real and the picture above is one I took in late February of 2015 and I say people coming and going from them. I am just not certain what they are all about since the world wide web isn’t coughing up any secrets. Here is my best guess. 

Between 1-3 bedroom condos. It seems there are about 50 units available. No community pool, hot tub, or workout area, just lodging for the slopes.

Cost ranges between $60-$180/night, so it looks like you can get $60/bedroom/night, as a guess. Likely more during the Holidays and less in the summer. You know how this works.

Best I can do right now with the Valley View Condos. Maybe they will want to advertise with us and send along some information. (ahem).

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