Eagle County Airport Information

If you are traveling to Vail on a ski vacation you can fly right into the Eagle County Airport. This airport is serviced by all of the major US airlines including Delta, American Airlines, United, United Express and Continental. Many skiers and riders who are visiting Vail on vacation just fly into the Denver airport and then drive to the local ski resorts.

Vail is usually about a 2 hour drive from the Denver airport. Keep in mind that if there is a lot of snow falling, this can take even longer. It’s even possible that the Eisenhower Tunnel and Vail Pass can be closed and you won’t be able to reach the mountain by using I-70. This airport provides an option that can help avoid these hassles.

The Eagle/Vail airport is located approximately 30 miles to the west of the Vail Ski Resort. It’s a simple drive down Interstate 70 and there are plenty of shuttle services that drive this route.

Eagle County Airport Map

Vail Airport FAQ

How much does parking cost at the Eagle County Airport?

Parking here is free. There are 3 separate parking lots at this airport and all of them are free to visitors. This includes the 7-day parking area and the long term parking area.

Is the Vail/Eagle airport the same thing as the Eagle County Airport?

Yes, you might hear travelers and locals referring to the airport as either of these names.

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Eagle County Airport Information