Mid-Mountain Restaurants

Aspen Mid-Mountain Restaurants

Mid-Mountain Restaurants and Warming Huts on Aspen Mountain

There are three restaurants that are located on Aspen Mountain. One Restaurant (The Sun Deck) can be accessed by gondola foot passengers. The other two restaurants are located mid-way down the mountain.

Sun Deck Restaurant

The Sun Deck Restaurant is located at the top of the Aspen Ski Resort. This restaurant has large floor to ceiling windows that provide a stunning view of the Aspen Highlands ski area. There is an outdoor viewing deck, and plenty of space inside of the building for everyone to get warm on a cold winter day. The Sun Deck Lodge can be seen in the photo to the right.

This lodge can be accessed by foot passengers (Via the gondola) and by intermediate/advanced level skiers who plan to descend the mountain.

Ruthie’s Restaurant

The large photo below shows Ruthie’s Restaurant. This restaurant is located half-way down the mountain at the bottom of Ruthie’s Run and Ruthie’s Chairlift.


Bonnie’s Restaurant

Bonnie’s Restaurant can be found below the top of Ruthie’s Chairlift. This restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor deck has great views of the Face of Bell and the surrounding terrain. This restaurant is accessible by intermediate-level skiers and above.

Skiers and riders will enjoy hot food like soups, pizza, and burgers for lunch on the mountain here.


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