Top-Rated Aspen Restaurants

Welcome to the Aspen Restaurant Jamboree. The dining game in Aspen has been around longer than any other mountain town because everyone discovered this place long before anyone was really thinking about being ski bums. So they are ahead of the game on what kind of cuisine can make the stretch. Seriously, Aspen restaurants, as a collective, are known throughout the country, nay, the world. There are plenty of fine dining establishments whose taste and price will make you blush. There still exists a nice number of places that are on the cheap (for Aspen) for the common man, and even those are uncommonly good. They have to be just to survive. Below is a taste of some of our favorites. There are others. Many others. Make a reservation if you want to get into a good spot. Maybe do that several weeks in advance.

Creperie du Village – Aspen French Cuisine $7-$30/person

With a name like Creperie du Village, it doesn’t take a private investigator to figure out this restaurant offers a French-themed cuisine.

The White House Tavern – Aspen Cuisine – $7-$22/person

There are restaurants with a seemingly unique ambiance, and then there’s restaurants like the White House Tavern with their truly one-of-a-kind story.

Chefs Club – Fine Aspen Dining – Gourmet Meals $41 -$55/person

The Chef’s Club strives to push the limits of gourmet dining with their world-renowned chefs. It is one of only two locations worldwide.

Plato’s Restaurant at Aspen Meadows – $30 – $60/person

Plato’s Restaurant is based around this principle, placing focus on delicious and filling entrees, as well as ambiance.

Pyramid Bistro – Asian/European Dining in Aspen – $19-$26/person

The Pyramid Bistro excels in eclectic, healthy food that combines Mediterranean, American and Japanese for a creative and delicious result.

The J-Bar – Aspen Bar Food – $8 – $22/person because it’s Aspen

The J-Bar, short for “Jerome Bar,” has been the local hot-spot in Aspen for decades.

Matsuhisa – Japanese/Southwest Fusion – Aspen $18-$35/person

Matsuhisa is nestled beneath a quaint Victorian house, blending the elegance of the early 1900s with Japanese simplicity set against a gorgeous mountain backdrop.

Finbarr’s Irish Pub – Gastropub in Aspen – $7 -$30/person

Finbarr’s Irish Pub is a gastro pub serving traditional Irish cuisine. The atmosphere is like a typical Irish pub with ten huge televisions.

Peach’s Corner Café – Aspen Café – $4-$13/person

Peach’s Corner Café is exactly what you think of when you think café. It’s a quaint little restaurant on the corner of Hopkins and Galena in downtown Aspen.

520 Grill – Aspen Slopeside Eats – $4 – $13/person

The 520 Grill has the luxury of being just two blocks away from the gondola. With delicious food, great location, reasonable prices.

Hops Culture – Locally Sourced Aspen Cooking – $6 -$25/person

Hops Culture prides themselves on cooking everything from scratch using fresh, seasonal, and local products.

Paradise Bakery & Café in Aspen

Paradise Bakery is a chain restaurant located around the United States in seven different states, most of which border Colorado.

Acquolina Trattoria & Pizzeria – Aspen – $15-$40/person

If you’re looking for authentic Italian food after a long day on the slopes, Acquolina Trattoria & Pizzeria is a great choice.

Annette’s Mountain Bake Shop – Aspen – $5-$10/person

Annette’s Mountain Bake Shop provides you with all of the delicious pastries and breads you can eat, located in the central shopping area.

Asie – Asian Fusion Downtown Aspen – $10-$48/person

Asie is a restaurant that is serving up an Asian fusion experience like no other, located in the heart of Aspen close to other adventures, sights, and shopping.

Aspen Brewing Company – Aspen – $12-$20/person

Aspen Brewing Company is known for a delicious selection of beer and warm, friendly staff, this is a great place to unwind after a long day on the slopes.

bb’s – American Food in Aspen – $9-$30/person

bb’s is a unique style restaurant that brings together the culinary world and travel. The chefs are inspired from their life experiences traveling.

Brexi – Authentic French Cuisine in Aspen – $10-$45/person

The atmosphere in Brexi is that of an authentic French restaurant, very high class and modern.

Brunelleschi’s Dome Pizza – Aspen – $15-$25/person

Brunelleschi’s Dome Pizza is a perfect place to help the kids wind down after a day of ski school.

Cache Cache – Aspen Elegance – $20-$75/person

Cache Cache offers a dining experience that is both hip and elegant.

CP Burger – Durant Ave Aspen – $5-$12/person

You see a name like CP Burger, and you assume you are going to be chowing down on a big juicy greasy hamburger.

Ellina – Longest Wine List in Aspen – $15-$50/person

If you are looking for a place that is known for hospitable service and delicious meals, then Ellina might just be your next dinner reservation.

Grateful Deli – Main Street Aspen – $8-$15/person

Packed full of delicious food and an easy going atmosphere, it is no surprise people enjoy eating at the Grateful Deli so much.

Jour de Fete – Aspen Take Out – $5-$15/person

Jour de Fete is a quaint little “hole in the wall” restaurant that focuses on quality food, served quickly and at a reasonable price.

Kenichi – Asian Cuisine in Aspen – $10-$50/person

Kenichi is an Asian restaurant that specializes in fresh, Asian cuisine. The restaurant serves everything from sushi to cooked salmon, and more.

L’Hosteria – Chef Tiziano – Aspen Dining – $10-$35/person

There is a special table waiting for everyone at L’Hostaria. Go enjoy a morning on the slopes, then come here to enjoy a perfect meal.

Little Annie’s Eating House – Best Burget in Aspen – $4-$20/person

One of these wonderful places is Little Annie’s Eating house, which was voted Best Burger by Aspen locals.

Mezzaluna – Aspen’s Top Italian Food – $10-$35/person

Mezzaluna has done an exceptional job of standing out while sticking to a proven recipe for success.

Pine Creek Cookhouse – Aspen Fine Dining – $100+/person

If you are looking for a place to get a unique dining experience, then Pine Creek Cookhouse could be just the place to create a lasting vacation memory.

Pinons Restaurant – Chef Rob Mobilian – $8-$35/person

Pinons is one of the most well-known, welcoming restaurants in the Aspen area.

Prospect – Breakfast and Lunch – $5-$30/person

Prospect is a breakfast and lunch restaurant that is located inside the Hotel Jerome in Aspen.

Trecento Quindici Decano – Aspen Italian/Pizzas – $9-$25/person

The chef of Trecento Quindici Decano is known for providing guests with a delightfully bold mixture of flavors with traditional cuisine.

Willow Creek Bistro at Aspen Highlands – $9 – $50/person

Willow Creek Bistro at Aspen Highlands is a fun and cheerful place to go and enjoy either breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Aspen Restaurants