Bangkok Happy Bowl

Bangkok Happy Bowl

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 300 Puppy Smith St., Suite 202, Aspen, CO

Hours: 11a–9:30p


Bangkok Happy Bowl is an exciting restaurant that has been in Aspen for the last three years and has provided the locals with fun, fresh, flavorful options. The restaurant boasts an authentic Thai cuisine with many Thai favorites on the menu. You can choose from a variety of dishes that are sophisticated, full of flavor, bold and healthy. The atmosphere is similar to a bistro, and you will find that it’s usually full of friendly locals who know the area well. Stop by and enjoy the two-for-one bar specials that are offered on a daily basis.

What They’re Known for: The authentic Thai cuisine. Bangkok Happy Bowl specializes in many Thai dishes, and all are authentic. The locals love the choices available including the curry bowls. You can choose from a variety of curry options including green, yellow, and even Panang. Another local favorite is the Pad Thai dish which is served with noodles, peanuts, garlic, eggs, and more. Once you start one of these dishes, it’s hard to stop. Many of the appetizers are priced affordably, and you can get multiple dishes for less than the price of a full entrée.

What to Watch for: The spice level. When looking at the menu, you want to pay attention to the symbols of chili peppers. These symbols indicate that a dish is spicy, and you may want to inquire about how spicy it is before you order it.

Price: $4-$18

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Bangkok Happy Bowl