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Winter Park Lift Ticket Prices 2019-2020 Ski Season

The daily lift pass prices that are shown below are based upon the purchase of a 1-day pass at the ticket window. Prices have been updated for the 2019-2020 ski season. Children 4 and younger ski for free at Winter Park. Discounts are also available for seniors. Note that the absolute highest price you can pay for Winter Park lift tickets is at the ticket window. Be smart. Book ahead. We’ve talked about this.

Ticket Category WP Ticket Window
Adult (13+) $172
Child (12 & Under) $109

3-Day Winter Park Ski Passes

The price schedule below will show you the types of discounts available for 4-day Mary Jane/Winter Park lift tickets.

Ticket Category WP Ticket Window
Adult (13+) $516
Child (12 & Under) $327

Winter Park lift ticket deals are up a few dollars per ticket from last season, but this is a standard measure for ski resorts and WP’s increase is right in line with what we have come to expect. More than any other resort, however, Winter Park ski passes vary by a few dollars each way nearly every day. Thursdays always seem to be a couple dollars cheaper than the regular window rate. In the big scheme, that isn’t a huge deal because if there is anywhere on the planet where a couple bucks won’t go very far, it’s at a ski resort. But if you wanted to whisk the family away for a couple days, then these dollars multiplied by each family member could pay for parking or a beer at Crooked Creek apres ski.

Winter Park Discount Lift Tickets

Here is where you can find the biggest Winter Park discount lift tickets that we have access to. We have a deal through Liftopia, the largest supplier of discount ski passes in Colorado, and by going through our site, you’ll get the cheapest deals available. If you use that link or the Liftopia box at the top of this page, our coupon code will be attached to your visit and the savings will be made available to you. If you aren’t set on Winter Park or you are still surveying the Colorado ski landscape, you can compare the lift ticket prices of all of the major resorts here: Discount Colorado Lift Tickets.

You’ll also find some other great deals on ski passes.

Winter Park/Mary Jane Lift Tickets

We get this question from time to time, but Winter Park and Mary Jane are the same resort. You do not need to buy Mary Jane lift passes specifically to have access to MJ. Mary Jane is just the tougher peak inside of Winter Park–full of moguls and tree skiing and you can even drive directly to that side of the mountain–and it has grown in fame to the point that people sometimes believe they are two different resorts. Mary Jane opened in 1975 and increased the size of Winter Park by 80% at the time. She is still in good shape at almost 40, and still has bumps in all the right places. Pick from any one of our Winter Park lift ticket deals and come dance with Mary.

Season Passes to Winter Park

There are Winter Park season passes available from their website or through their ticket window. There doesn’t seem to be any difference in price between online and off, meaning there are no discounts available depending on where you buy. However, their early season Winter Park/Mary Jane season passes are $399 right now for anyone 13 and older. As we get closer to the start of the season, these prices will go up, and then they will lock in for the regular season. Last year, season passes were $499 during the regular season for non-senior adults. (Senior passes were $350.) Last year, if you waited until the season to buy, you only needed to ski six days at WP/MJ for this to pay for itself. $499 / 6 = $83.16. Winter Park day passes during the regular season were $85/day. If you buy before the season at $399, and assuming that the average day pass will be around $88, then you only need to ski five (actually four and a half) to save money. If you wait until the season, we’re guessing the Winter Park Season passes will go up to at least $525, which will still be about six days of skiing. If you are planning on being out here more than this, then it’s easy money, so be sure that you have considered this option before buying any pass. And as always, buy early.

Winter Park Four Pass

The Winter Park Four Pass is has been going on as long as we can remember. At least for the last eight years. Probably one of the longest running and most popular Winter Park lift ticket deals available. The 2019-2020 Winter Park 4 passes are $299 new and they go up from there if you want to include other resorts, like Steamboat. Theses passes give the holder 4 days of skiing at WP/MJ with no blackout dates, plus a ton of other benefits that are too numerous to name. Go to Winter Park Four Pass to learn more or to buy your passes before the selling windows close. They are typically only sold during the early season, which usually means from early September until around December 12ish.

Winter Park Lift Tickets