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Discount Breckenridge Lift Ticket Prices 2019-2020 Ski Season

The Breckenridge lift ticket deals that you see below have been updated for the 2019-20 REGULAR ski season. The prices reflect the regular season prices. And just to be extra clear, SO FAR THIS SEASON, there are no discounts for Breckenridge lift tickets anywhere. The ONLY way to get these cheaper is to book online at least 7 days in advance. These prices are valid currently for the 2019-20 season and are subject to change. Plus, if you rent your skis/board or book a shuttle through us, we’ll send you some cash money. Well, it’ll be a Visa card or something, but it will be just the same as cash money. Except it won’t get stuck in vending machines.

# Days Adults (Age 13-64) Senior (65+) Ski Rental Deals
1 $189 $179
2 $378
3 $522 $492
4 $696 $656
5 $870

Discount Breckenridge Lift Tickets

All the resorts are gauging their supply and your demand and the prices from day-to-day can change a little–you know, like a few bucks; and prices throughout different times of the season can vary quite a bit from early to Holidays to late. While a 3-day pass bought at the wrong time might only set you back $15, we here at CSA are constantly scraping for those hard-earned dollars, and we know that for a family of 5 this lack of planning could mean a $100 and that’s really not something you want to just give away. Not with the prices of tuition these days.

How you get Breckenridge lift ticket deals

Step 1: Don’t buy at the window. There are a few truths about this industry and one of them is that there is no higher price for a ski pass than at the window. 1 day, 3 day, 5 day–doesn’t matter. If you have made it all the way to the snow and don’t have a ticket, you are paying too much.

Step 2: Plan ahead. Most of the online deals are only available for purchases that are AT LEAST five days in advance. So you have to be on your toes. If you are coming up with a family or for a longer stay, planning ahead can be so crucial to big savings. You know how this works: if you are going to pay up front for something, they always cut you a deal to hold your money for longer. Of course, we know what you’re thinking. It’s Christmas and you are planning your Spring Break trip. You can get a great deal on some Breck lift tickets, but what if there is no snow? The truth is that there is never NOT been snow for spring break. Like ever. There might not be any new snow and you might be skiing in a T-shirt, but you will be able to ski. We promise. The skiing may not be amazing, but you can do it. If you are really picky about your conditions, don’t come during Spring Break.

Step 3: Buy with us. There are tons of links to do that right on this page. Save 20% on Ski & Snowboard RentalsAgain, if you’re a planner, you can work with our partner to gain access to deals on Breckenridge lift tickets.

Step 4: Ask the locals. If for some reason, you have found yourself in Breck for your awesome ski vacation (you deserve it) and you just forgot to book this portion of your trip, ask around. If you have ever been hunting a Water Park deal somewhere during the summer, it seems like every Coke and Pepsi can you pick up will save you $20 on a day pass. Breckenridge lift tickets aren’t exactly the same thing, but if you ask the locals they can usually point you in the direction of a coupon in the newspaper or that magical Pepsi can somewhere.

Half Day Breck  Lift Tickets

You can also buy half-day lift tickets to Breck. But only the day of, only at the window, and only for the afternoon. There are no half day morning passes available. These are usually a horrible deal. If a day pass is $196, a half-day pass might be $155. Depending on what point in the season you are skiing, you might can buy them starting at 1230 and maybe as late as 130. You want our advice? There are only two times when you should buy these. 1) If you get to the slopes within 10 minutes of the half day lift tickets going on sale. If you have to wait any longer, just buy the full pass and get to skiing. You didn’t come here to stand around. 2) If this is the only pass available. Meaning, if you drove all night, got to the hills at 230 and just want to ski for 90 minutes, by all means buy this pass and get your turns in. But if it’s us, and we get there late, you should just head over to Keystone ski the rest of the day and then get some night skiing in. That’s your best bet.

Where to Buy

We don’t want to leave you empty handed if you choose not to follow our advice, so here are the on-mountain locations where you can buy your passes.

The Village at Breckenridge: This is basically right at the bottom of the Quicksilver chairlift. Grab a trail map to orient yourself or just ask anyone.

Peak 9: This is right at Beaver Run Resort right at the base of Peak 9.

Snowflake Lift: Right at the bottom of this lift in the Four O’Clock area.

Breck Station: This one is located right at the bottom of the Breckenridge Gondola


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