TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 525 E Cooper Avenue, Suite 201, Aspen, CO

Hours: 11:30a–10p


bb’s is a unique style restaurant that brings together the culinary world and travel. The chefs are inspired from their life experiences, and it shows in their cooking. You can enjoy the beautiful stylings and pairings of flavors together for a full kick in your mouth. Each mouthwatering plate is perfect from start to finish. At bb’s, only the freshest ingredients are used, even down to the herbs on the plate. You can enjoy both lunch and dinner in a fun and light atmosphere. The location is just right and provides you with a beautiful view of downtown Aspen as well as the surrounding mountains.

What They’re Known for: bb’s is known for its delicious pairings of foods and flavor. Patrons have a choice from small plates or larger plates. All of the available food pairings are made fresh to order with the best ingredients. One of the favorite dishes from the restaurant is the buffalo filet mignon with a delicious truffle sauce. Guests also enjoy the fresh pasta dishes with hearty vegetables.

What to Watch for: The exotic selections on the menu. If you are looking for a traditional steak and potatoes, you won’t find it here. The menu is somewhat exotic and includes different flavors that you may not be used to. For instance, you will find duck leg cassoulet, wild boar Bolognese, and even buffalo. The exotic dishes are delicious, but they may take you by surprise if you are not used to seeing or tasting them.

Price: $9-$30

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bb's - Aspen