Caribou Club

Caribou Club

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 411 E. Hopkins Ave., Aspen, CO

Hours: 6:30p–2a


Caribou Club is a club and dining experience for those in Aspen. The atmosphere is lively, fun, and entertaining for adults of all ages. When you step foot into the club, you instantly feel welcomed, and the smiling staff is ready to greet you. The interior is decorated with a country and wilderness feel. You’ll probably see other customers in a range of more formal and more casual dress. And while you won’t see a lot of children, it’s easy for most people to feel like they belong. Likewise, depending on your order, you can maintain a reasonable budget, or you can spend a pretty penny.

Caribou Club has been in business for over 25 years and has kept many locals content and happy throughout that time. You can see them make your drink at the bar, while the dining room provides a light and romantic atmosphere for you to enjoy the mood. You can enjoy delicious, fresh-made meals from a large variety of American cuisine options.

What They’re Known for: Their food. The fresh made food is one of the top hits at Caribou Club. The locals enjoy the delicious ocean bar that offers many different seafood choices from oysters and clams to lobster and caviar.

What to Watch for: The club atmosphere tends to spread out throughout the entire place, and the lounge and restaurant are not really set up for kids. The bar plays good music, and it’s easy to get carried away so know how you’re getting back to the room.

Price: $10-$35

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Caribou Club