Chefs Club

Chefs Club by Food & Wine

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Address: 315 East Dean Street, Aspen (St. Regis Aspen Resort)

Hours: 5:30p-10p, every day


The Chef’s Club strives to push the limits of gourmet dining with their world-renowned chefs. It is one of only two locations worldwide—with the other being the equally highly-rated location in New York. The Chef’s Club is the epitome of fine-dining in Aspen and their dishes are the culmination of some of the best chefs in the world. As it is a few blocks from the opera house, it is a perfect place to enjoy an amazing meal before the show. The view of Aspen in breathtaking, making it an ideal choice for an anniversary, honeymoon or business dinner.

What They’re Known for: The Chef’s Club is known for their food and their wine. The dishes are creatively constructed from only the best ingredients and made fresh-to-order by the chefs who created them. Those interested in culinary exploits can watch their dish being made from the bar, making it a more intimate experience than many restaurants. Presentation is integral to the Chef’s Club mission and as such, the presentation is always delightful and the view of Aspen is inspiring. Of course, with any good meal, you may want a drink, and the Chef’s Club is known for their extensive list of exotic and top-tier wines.

What to Watch for: As is often the case with gourmet cuisine, the focus is on quality, taste and presentation, rather than portion size. The meals themselves are often small compared with lesser quality cuisine, but the expertly crafted taste and presentation will still have you coming back for more. Additionally, high-quality food is expensive and when you add appetizers and drinks, this restaurant can easily become expensive. But if you treat the Chef’s Club as the special occasion that it is, you won’t be disappointed.

Price: $41-$55

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Chefs Club by Food & Wine