Creperie du Village

Creperie du Village

TripAdvisor Rating:4.5

Address: 400 East Hopkins Avenue, Aspen (corner of S. Mill Street, downstairs)

Hours of Operation: 11a-late night (varies)


With a name like Creperie du Village, it doesn’t take a private investigator to figure out this restaurant offers a French-themed cuisine. But to peg it as Aspen’s only bona fide Fondue restaurant takes a little more work. The space is larger than it looks, mostly because the restaurant doesn’t leave a lot of extra space with the table layout. The atmosphere oozes the quaint yet chic style that you would expect from many European style restaurants. And if you’re not already hungry from skiing when you first arrive, your mouth is sure to be watering once you get a few whiffs of the different aromas emanating from the open style kitchen. And what French restaurant would be complete without a great wine list. There is both a lunch and dinner menu, although there’s not a ton of difference between the two.

What They’re Known for: Wow, this is tough. For starters, it’s hard to find a better cup of French onion soup. Or for an entrée, the Raclette with its one-of-a-kind alpine experience is the signature choice. But if we’re forced to choose just one thing, it’s going to be the chocolate crepe that was featured on the Cooking Channel.

What to Watch for: Availability. The restaurant recommends calling ahead for reservations, and there’s a $35/person fee for no-call/no-shows. During peak times, you may even need to call well in advance to be sure to get a table. We’ve also heard if you go during certain nights of the week, the accompanying entertainment is going to be live music rather than quiet conversation.

Price: $7-$30

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Creperie du Village