Grateful Deli

Grateful Deli

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Address: 233 E Main Street (Aspen, near Pyramid Bistro)

Hours: 10a-4p Monday through Friday and 11a-4p on Saturday and Sunday.


Packed full of delicious food and an easy going atmosphere, it is no surprise people enjoy eating at the Grateful Deli so much. The sandwiches and paninis made in this shop are made with focaccia bread and rolls that are delivered by Louis Swiss Pantry after being freshly baked in their oven. The bread is so fresh it is usually still warm.

Once the bread arrives, the shop piles it high with cheese, fresh meats, and delicious toppings that will have your taste buds crying tears of joy. They even serve giant salads served with fresh crisp lettuce and all the fixings. From subs, to paninis, to salads, you are free to order your food however you enjoy eating it. This shop even has lots of yummy junk food including chips, brownies, and cookies to complement your sandwiches and salads. Whether you have a thing for Deadheads or you’re just thankful for a midday food stop, this deli is a great place for you.

What They’re Known for: The Grateful Deli received the Local’s Choice award for being the best shop to get a sandwich in all of Aspen. You haven’t really had a sandwich in Aspen until you have stopped by this deli and enjoyed one of theirs.

What to Watch for: Watch out for the Cosmic Charlie, which is their specialty dessert featuring peanut butter s’mores. It will make your mouth water and you will have a hard time eating just one.

Price: $8-$15

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Grateful Deli - Aspen