Jour de Fete

Jour de Fete

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 710 East Durant Avenue, Aspen (across the street from the Little Nell Hotel, next to Ski Mountain)

Hours: 7a-6p Monday-Friday, 7a-5p Saturday and Sunday


Jour de Fete is a quaint little “hole in the wall” restaurant that focuses on quality food, served quickly and at a reasonable price. Jour has a vast menu, with everything from salmon to breakfast burritos, so everyone is sure to find something they like. They’re a great place to pick up a quick bite before a day on the slopes, especially since their prices are reasonable. Jour is laid-back: Many guests recommend practicing your French with the owner if you have extra time, making it an excellent place for a delicious no-fuss breakfast or lunch.

What They’re Known for: Jour is geared towards take-out, something they excel in. Food is prepared quickly, allowing you to get in and out and back to your day more quickly. While the service is attentive, they focus more on speed than on personal relationships. The food is always delicious though and the lamb, breakfast burritos and chicken specials come highly recommended.

What to Watch for: Jour de Fete is quite well-hidden. Since it is off the beaten path, it doesn’t tend to be as busy as other places, which means faster service. But since they focus on takeout, the tables are also somewhat limited. A great choice for a fast meal you can take back to the room.

Price: $5-$15

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Jour de Fete - Aspen