Meat & Cheese

Meat & Cheese

TripAdvisor Rating: 5.0

Address: 319E Hopkins Avenue Aspen (part of Aspen’s “Restaurant Row”)

Hours: 10a-10p

In what the restaurant describes as “World Farmhouse” cuisine, the Meat and Cheese is kind of like the staples of the restaurant industry. Yeah, they have some crazy delicious meat and cheeses, but they also know what they’re doing with their fresh juices, coffee, seafood, bread, craft beer, and wine list. The menu at Meat and Cheese is constantly rotating to offer fresh, seasonal fare. If you’re staying somewhere with a full kitchen, you can take this world farmhouse cuisine with you by visiting the Farm Shop. Meanwhile, in addition to offering full-size entrees, the restaurant invites you to kick back and let their staff do all the work.

What They’re Known for: Their meat and cheese boards. There are several different options, including cheese and bread boards for vegetarians, but if you’re tired and looking for an easy decision coming off the slopes, the meat and cheese board is a perfect combination of four meats and four cheeses.

What to Watch for: How much you spend. The semi-casual atmosphere and décor provides a friendly environment, and with reasonably priced menu options, it’s easy to assume you’ll come away with a manageable check. This is certainly doable, but if you order one or two boards to split amongst the table, splurge on one of the pricier dinner entrees, and add an adult beverage or two on top, you can spend a pretty penny. A few blocks away from both the Shadow Mountain chairlift and Silver Queen Gondola, one solution is to find time during the day for lunch. Otherwise, just be mindful of this so your satisfaction isn’t dampened at the end of the meal.

Price: $11-$35+

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Meat & Cheese Restaurant - Aspen