TripAdvisor Rating: 5.0

Address: 76 Boomerang Rd., Aspen, CO

(at the top of the Exhibition lift)

Hours: 9a–3p


Merry-Go-Round is a convenient food hub that provides you with a quick spot to stop off and grab something to eat. While you are out on the slopes, you can access the Merry-Go-Round as it is located on the route. Here, you will find a variety of delicious food items to fill you up and keep you energized during your trip. The food stop has a nice interior that is bustling and full of life. There are many organic and fresh food options to choose from and the vegetables, produce, and food are all sourced from local-area markets. In addition to the traditional menu, there is a kid’s menu that boasts some healthy options.

What They’re Known for: Their convenience and food options. Although Merry-Go-Round offers a fast way to eat, the food station by no means only offers unhealthy foods. You can find great healthy options including sweet potato fries, hearty salads, and even fresh veggies. If you are feeling like you have a sweet tooth, don’t hesitate to grab a delicious dessert. Merry-Go-Round has a variety of sweet options including parfaits, brownies, cakes, and strudels.

What to Watch for: The crowd. Because of the convenience here, you will find that the place fills up quickly. You may have to wait in line while the crowd dies down, or take another run and try again your next time up the lift. Likewise, the crowd can also make for limited elbow room and foot paths.

Price: $5-$15

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Merry-Go-Round Aspen