Paradise Bakery & Cafe

Paradise Bakery & Café

TripAdvisor Rating:4.5

Address: 320 S Galena St, Aspen, CO

Hours: 6:30a–9p


Paradise Bakery is a chain restaurant located around the United States in seven different states, most of which border Colorado. It’s a well-known hot spot for delicious baked goods and a great spot to have some breakfast before heading out to the ski slopes. This particular Paradise Bakery has a small selection mostly just featuring baked goods like their extremely popular muffins, chewy delicious bagels, and buttery flaky croissants. You can find fruit filled croissants, ham and cheese croissants, and spinach and cheese quiche also. But you can’t leave Paradise Bakery without taking some sweet baked goodies to go. Their popular cookies are so decadent that you can’t eat just one. Their brownies should be award-winning if they aren’t!

If you are headed to the slopes, it’s possible you will need the energy half way through your day, so you might as well just take a few things to go. As popular as this place is, don’t be surprised to find a line out the door when you arrive. Don’t get discouraged prematurely, however. This place is known for employees who are great at handling the rushes. Of course there’s the coffee, too. Cold areas call for delicious flavorful coffee, and you won’t be disappointed with your cup of joe at Paradise Bakery.

What They’re Known for: Baked goods. Everyone that has ever been to a Paradise Bakery knows that they do baked goods proud. Muffins, croissants, brownies, so many tasty treats you won’t want to stop eating them. Even something as simple as a chocolate chip cookie is elevated to amazing heights at Paradise Bakery. What’s even better than that cookie? That cookie in a dish of creamy gelato! That’s something you might not see in other Paradise Bakeries. This one features at least ten flavors of gelato each day.

What to Watch for: Not a typical Paradise Bakery. While many people know the chain restaurant and are familiar with their typical menu, you will find that this Paradise Bakery’s menu is on a smaller scale. They only offer breakfast/brunch items and desserts. They are still the delicious items you are accustomed to at Paradise Bakery but you may find it’s missing your favorite lunch time sandwich.

Price: $3-$10

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Paradise Bakery & Cafe