Plato’s Restaurant

Plato’s Restaurant at Aspen Meadows

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Address: 845 Meadows Road, Aspen (shuttle service offered to Jerome Hotel, Ruby Park and the town every 30 minutes)

Hours: 5:30p-10p, every day


Plato once wrote in his Republic, “The first and greatest of necessities is food, which is the condition of life and existence.” Plato’s Restaurant is based around this principle, placing focus on delicious and filling entrees, as well as ambiance. Enjoy the majestic view of Aspen from the Heffner lounge while eating or enjoying a few drinks, which is especially breathtaking as the sun sets over the mountain. Plato’s is a superb choice for an unforgettable romantic meal—perfect for anniversaries and honeymoons. Feel free to have a few drinks from their extensive wine list—or more—since the shuttle service ensures that you’ll get back to your hotel safely after a fun and elegant night.

What They’re Known for: Plato’s excels in the most important elements of fine-dining. Their food is of the highest quality and their fish options are second to none. In addition to the quality of cooking, Plato’s is known for their top-notch service, focus on presentation and ambiance in the restaurant. As such, they are one of the best choice in Aspen for a romantic meal, or an impressive business meeting.

What to Watch for: Because Plato’s focuses on high-quality, unique meals, they have a small selection of choices. This is not the restaurant for an endless menu, but each choice is exceptional. They are also on the pricy side and with appetizers and drinks, one could easily spend more than anticipated on a meal, even if it is worth every penny.

Price: $30-$60

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Plato's Restaurant at Aspen Meadows