Pyramid Bistro

Pyramid Bistro

TripAdvisor Rating:  4.3

Address: 221 E Main St, Aspen, CO

Hours: 11:30-9p, every day


The Pyramid Bistro excels in eclectic, healthy food that combines Mediterranean, American and Japanese for a creative and delicious result. Located in the heart of historic Aspen, this place is near several walking tours, making it an excellent stop before or after a tour. The charm of the location doesn’t end there. The restaurant is also located above a bookstore, allowing you to stop in and browse through the available titles.

What They’re Known for: The owner, Martin Oswald, is a world renowned chef who cooks fresh, very tasty, nutrient-rich foods. The Pyramid Bistro is known for their creative and upscale vegan/vegetarian cuisine that is unlike anything you’ve tried before. The “Thai Butternut Soup” and “Kaffir Lime Shrimp” are local favorites. The carnivores in your family will also find organic duck and seafood, proving that there is something for everyone at The Pyramid Bistro.

What to Watch for: The Pyramid Bistro is focused on healthy cuisine and, as such, their options for alcoholic beverages are limited. Their staff is limited during non-peak times, so there can be a bit of a wait. However, since their cuisine is so unique, they tend not to be crowded even during peak times. Since their focus is on vegetarian and vegan, there are a limited number of options for those looking for animal-based protein.

Price: $19-$26

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Pyramid Bistro