Spring Cafe Aspen

Spring Cafe Aspen

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 632 East Hopkins Avenue, Aspen

Hours: Open every day 7a-5p


Many customers come to the Spring Café in Aspen to enjoy an exceptional breakfast or lunch made of only the best, freshest products. Their food is locally sourced and all organic. They are a completely “green” eatery, and they offer a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan meals as well as juices and delectable smoothies. Their restaurant prides themselves on the quality of their food. For large groups and return guests, each meal seems to be better than the last.

When it comes down to it, not many places can say they provide the kind of quality that the Spring Café offers. You will find yourself enjoying one of their many healthy meals or baked goods. They have an entire baked goods selection that is freshly prepared each day. Instead of artificial sweeteners and cane sugar, they choose to use agave nectar, coconut sugar and even maple syrup. This is absolutely a must-have breakfast or lunch for anyone passing through.

What They’re Known for: The Spring Café in Aspen is best known high-quality, ethically-sourced food catering to a vegan and vegetarian crowd. In fact, their entire storefront was created with the idea of being environmentally friendly from the food they serve, the cookware they use and even down to the paint on the walls.

What to Watch for: This little gem has seen growing popularity, and since it is one of very few entirely vegetarian options in the Aspen area you may end up having a little bit of a wait. Though if you are looking for some of the best vegan and vegetarian options around, then the wait will be well worth it.

Price: $5-$20

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Spring Cafe Aspen