Trecento Quindici Decano

Trecento Quindici Decano

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Address: 315 East Dean Street, Aspen (near Mill Street)

Hours: 5:30a-10p every day of the week


The chef of Trecento Quindici Decano is known for providing guests with a delightfully bold mixture of flavors with traditional cuisine. The handmade pastas and pizzas served at this dining establishment are to die for. The breakfast menu contains an explosive selection of healthy beverages including freshly squeezed orange juice, apple kale celery juice, and soy milk. For anyone looking to fuel their body with the right kind of vitamins and minerals before heading to the slopes for the day.

Just getting back after a long day at the slopes? No problem! Trecento Quindici Decano also makes a wide range of delicious coffees and espressos. The best part is that they are hot and fresh because they are made to order. You will enjoy the mouthwatering flavor while getting to warm your body back up at the same time. If you happen to be someone who does not care for the taste of coffee, just go for their hot chocolate instead!

What They’re Known for: This dining establishment is known for having a perfect blend of Italian and American cuisines that are guaranteed to please your taste buds regardless of how old you are or what your favorite foods are.

What to Watch for: This dining establishment loves hosting special Italian themed events throughout the year. During the beginning of 2015, they hosted an event called the “Italian Passport”. During each month of the event, they featured different special dishes from various Italian regions. While this particular event is already concluded, it is just a matter of time before they start other one.

Price: $9-$25

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Trecento Quindici Decano