Buttermilk Base Area Parking

buttermilk parking

All parking at Buttermilk is free. The main parking lot is located right at the base of the mountain; just a few steps away from the chairlifts. You can see this parking lot in the photo to the right. There is also a small amount of parking available at the bottom of the Tiehack ski lift.

There is a small parking lot located at the bottom of the West Buttermilk area. This parking lies directly next to the ski trails. To get to this parking lot, follow the signs to West Buttermilk. You will have to drive through what looks like a residential neighborhood… there are a few road signs that say you are entering a private area, but you will notice a small sign on these posts that also says “Skier access during winter months”. You can see the W. Buttermilk parking in the photo below.

buttermilk skier parking


Buttermilk Parking