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Granby Ranch Lift Tickets | 2019-2020 Ski Season

The Granby Ranch lift tickets prices listed in the grid below are for the 2019-2020 ski season. As we tell people no matter where they ski, ALWAYS buy your lift tickets online at least a few days in advance to save money off the window rate. Note that we have the window rates listed for lift tickets at Granby Ranch right along our discounts. Granby is a great place to ski but it is an even better place to learn to ski.

Ticket Category At Ticket Window Our Price Deals
Adult $84 $57
Child (6 -12) $49 $35
Senior (61-69) $69 $49

Discount Lift Tickets to Granby Ranch

We set up deals with ski resorts and lift ticket wholesalers to bring the biggest discounts and best rates to our users. But you have to come online to get them. And you MUST, we an’t stress this enough, you MUST buy at least a couple days in advance. It’s every day of the season someone calls or writes the morning of or the night before with very detailed and plausible reasons why they couldn’t buy their lift tickets before right this second, and do you happen to have some discount Ski Granby Ranch lift tickets somewhere in the back? No, no we don’t. It’s out agreement with the resorts and with wholesalers that there has to be more than 24 hours lead time. Ski pass prices fluctuate every day, and they need advance reservations to predict future prices. Simple as that.

If you are able to get your ducks in a row before hitting the hills, we almost always have the cheapest rates around, not just to Granby Ranch, but also everywhere else in Colorado and the country.

Things to Note about Granby Ranch Lift Tickets Policy

Every resort plays a little shell game with their prices on lift tickets. Make prices a little cheaper here, raise them a little over there. If you ski enough places, you will see this pattern. For Granby, kids 5 & Under ski free, which is an industry standard. Matter of fact, most ski rental companies rent to kids younger than 5 (or certain height/weight restrictions) for free. Yay, youngins.

However, if you are 70 & Up, you are going to have to pay a little. Not much, it was $10/day last year (also $10 for half day), but it drops 30% down to $7/day if you are skiing 3 or more days. This little note doesn’t affect that many people on the mountain, but if someone in your group has strutted right on past their 60s, let em know.

Just to keep things in perspective, Granby Ranch was one of the cheapest mountains to ski in the whole state. At 400 acres, it’s a great price for wide open skiing, tons of ski in-ski out options. While we can save you money, you will already have a slamming deal compared to anywhere else in this great skiing state.

Granby Ranch Half Day Lift Tickets

You can buy half day lift tickets at Granby Ranch, but only on the day in question and only from the resort. They are not available anywhere else. And again, you cannot buy them in advance. Last year, half day prices were $8 cheaper than full day for adults and $9 cheaper for kids and seniors; these figures are in comparison to Granby Ranch’s window rates. We don’t love the thought of half day lift tickets if you are going to wait for them. I mean, if it’s ten minutes until they go on sale, okay, go ahead and wait, but if it’s much longer than that just buy the full day ticket and get to skiing. As we have said time and again, you might save yourself $8 waiting, but you will cost yourself time skiing. And you came here to ski, not to save $8 no skiing. If it’s already past 1230, they won’t even sell you a full day pass, so you have nothing to worry about.

Bottom Line about Buying Lift Tickets Anywhere

Buy early. Think of them like concert tickets. If you want until the last minute, the deals are gone. Unlike concert tickets, Granby Ranch doesn’t really have a capacity. They will not sell out. So buy your ski passes about a week in advance and you will golden.

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