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Ski Rentals at Granby Ranch

granby ranch ski rentals

While there aren’t a ton of places to rent skis at Granby Ranch, there are definitely a ton of them nearby. If you rent in town–meaning Fraser or Winter Park–you will get a little bit cheaper rate, but if you rent right on the Granby Ranch slopes, you will pay a little more for the convenience. One thing is pretty true no matter where you ski or rent skis: the quality is not that different. Nobody is out there claiming to have the best quality skis. So the question comes down to one of cost or convenience. You decide.

But no matter what you decide, we have some discounts on Granby Ranch ski rentals below. All of them are 20% off, but you must book them online AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE to get the discount. Savvy?

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Christy Sports Rentals | 20% Discount

The Christy Sports store is located in Winter Park resort at the Cooper Creek Square. Premium skis rent for under $30/day. They have rental packages for adults, children, as well as snowboarders. You can save 20% just by using this link for your booking.


Door to Door Ski & Snowboard Rental Delivery | 20% Discount

Door to Door is a division of Christy Sports, so we know they are good. The ski delivery model of is becoming very popular, especially with the quick 2-3 day vacation folks, who don’t want to waste precious weekend time operations. This is a great option in Winter Park, and maybe something that you can use for Granby Ranch as well. Book and find out.

Here is the address – not that you will ever need it: 78930 U.S. 40 Unit 112, Winter Park 80482


But wait. There’s More. Here are some places that have Granby Ranch ski rentals that are close to the slopes. Just not that we do not have any discounts with these companies:

Inn at Silver Creek

Granby Ranch HQ

Ski Broker

Some Tips on Granby Ranch Ski Rentals

Granby Ranch is known as a family place and more of a beginner’s hill, so most of the people skiing here are families with kids who are younger than teenagers. So much of this advice is for the youngins.

Buy everyone a helmet. I have said this a lot in my time, but renting a helmet is pretty nasty. Putting your head where someone else’s sweaty head and hair have been just ain’t my thing. And I’m not a germophobe. You can get decent helmets for adults starting at $60. Kids’ helmets are even cheaper. Plus, they can work for biking or skateboarding or anything else.

At Granby, don’t be afraid to get faster skis. Granby is a small hill that is not very steep at even its steepest points. This is a good spot to let them get better on more advanced gear without worry of them speeding off of a cliff. The boots will fit better with the premium gear, and so your kids will not wear out as fast and won’t get as cranky.

Granby Ranch Ski Rental Equipment Insurance. I think there is an unlikely chance that anything would happen to equipment at Granby over all other places. There are not many rocks, no cliffs, low crowds, and low overall speed. At other resorts, I usually lay out the pros/cons of this fee–which is usually $3/person/day–but here I think you don’t want to mess with it.

For the parents, always get the high end boots. The boots are key. The key to comfort and the key to control. If you’ve skied before, you have had some uncomfortable boots. It wasn’t fun. Granby Ranch is one of the cheapest places to ski in this entire great state. You are already saving money–especially if you are using our lift ticket discounts–so spring for the boots. You won’t be sorry.

Granby Ranch Ski Rentals