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Loveland Lift Ticket Prices | 2019-2020

The lift ticket prices below have been updated for the 2019-2020 ski season. These prices are for 1-day passes for purchased on-site at the Loveland lift ticket window for the REGULAR SEASON and then any deals we have to beat those prices listed beside. Loveland opened on Oct 28, so they are already rocking and rolling and want you to some ski with their low prices. Some pretty deep discounts are available. Those deals change regularly, so act quickly of if you like the price you see, particularly if you are buying before Jan 4, which is the high part of the season.

Ticket Category Ticket Window Our 1-Day Price Our 3-Day Price Our Deals
Adult (15+ Yrs) $89 N/A N/A
Child (6-14) $35 N/A N/A
Flex (4 Hour) $59 N/A N/A
Half Day $62 N/A N/A
Seniors (60+) $65 N/A N/A
Seniors (70+) Season Pass $99 N/A N/A
Adult Chair 7 Only $30 N/A N/A
Child Chair 7 Only $25 N/A N/A

There are no multi-resort tickets available here, though there are season passes available at the beginning of the season. For 2019-2020 season passes, they are available–starting at $419 for adults and $189 for children–but only untilĀ  Dec 2. Go here to check out Loveland Season Passes. And as always, Children under 5 can ski for free at the Loveland. Senior (70+) ski passes are $99, but this pass is valid for the entire season.

Loveland is a medium-sized mountain with lots of vertical drop, and it’s a few exits ahead of Keystone and Breckenridge, so there is less I-70 traffic to have to wade through to get to quality skiing. Loveland Ski Area is typically open for more days than every other resort in the state, except for Arapahoe Basin. All of these reasons make Loveland a local’s favorite. When you ski here, you will be impressed.

Why are Loveland Lift Tickets So Cheap?

It’s a fair question to ask, and if you haven’t skied that many places in the state–or elsewhere–this answer may not be that obvious. The short answer is no overhead. When you see the base area, it’s not built out with enormous condo blocks and high-rise hotels. There are only a few one-story buildings. So Loveland ski passes don’t have to be super expensive to help keep this mountain going. They have remained how all ski mountains used to be: just a great place to ski without all the hassle, and vibe, and pampering.

The next biggest reason is that Loveland is right next door to Arapahoe Basin, Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mountain, and about an hour drive to Vail and Winter Park. Of all these mountains, Loveland Ski Area is the least well-known and least trafficked. If they charged what the big mountains charged, there would price themselves out. This is not a statement of quality. It’s a statement of amenities and competition. You will love skiing here.

Half Day Ski Passes

This is just some quick intelligence about half day passes at Loveland. Plainly, don’t buy them unless these are the only tickets being offered. Which is to say, don’t ever wait around for any length of time trying to get a $11 break on ski access. As we tell people all the time, you may be saving $11, but you are costing yourself time to ski. Loveland ski passes are cheap enough that they don’t need to offer much of a bargain for late-comers.

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