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What makes ski and snowboard rentals different at Loveland Ski Area is that it’s not a destination resort. Since there isn’t any lodging at Loveland, you HAVE to come from somewhere else to ski here, and since it’s a local’s hill, that somewhere else is most likely Denver. Rather than paying a premium on the mountain, instead there are other locations with better prices that are more convenient for your Loveland ski rental. Don’t worry. We’ll tell you where.

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Christy Sports Ski Rentals – 20% Discount

The closest rental shops to the Lovaland ski area are located at the bottom of the continental divide in Silverthorne (Near Keystone and Frisco, CO). You may also find Loveland ski rental equipment at the base of the ski area. Skiers and snowboarders can save 20% on their rental package at Christy Sports by using the link below.


Breeze Ski Rentals

Breeze Ski Rentals – 20% Discount

If you are traveling to the Loveland Ski Area, you can stop and pickup your ski rental equipment at a Breeze store location on either side of the continental divide. There are store locations in Silverthorne and Frisco, as well as Dumont (Near Idaho Springs and Georgetown, CO). This store carries some of the best ski equipment brands including Volkl, Salomon, and K2.


Rent Skis Logo | Online Ski Rentals – 20% Discount

This website provides online reservations for all of the Keystone Sports and Breckenridge Sports stores. All of these stores are within driving distance of the Loveland Ski Area (On the western side of the continental divide). Choose from performance ski packages, packages that are designed for children and snowboarders, and “Skis only” rental packages.

Convenient Loveland Ski Rentals

We like convenience and low-maintenance situations. Getting mileage out of old skis and making due with ski poles that have a few bends in them. So if we are you, and heading up to Loveland for the day, we would tell you to go to the Christy Sports Rental Location in Colorado Mills Mall (address: 14371 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood, CO 80401). And here’s why.

First, it is not the closest location, but it is the quickest. Right off of I-70 on the drive up. The actual closest place to Loveland that we would recommend for Loveland ski rentals is right in the base area. It’s a great option, if you don’t like lugging gear around, but there are some downsides, which we will get to. Then there is the Christy Sports in Frisco, which is also excellent; however, it is 15 miles past Loveland and that same 15 miles back to Loveland. Doesn’t make much sense.

Second, where this Christy Sports is located is right in the middle of a shopping area, which means you can pick up groceries, shoes, food, and whatever the hell they sell in malls these days. What’s more, very few people are going to this Christy location to rent skis than at the Frisco location or on Loveland Mountain. That means no lines, for those keeping score at home.

Third, is price, and maybe I should have led with this. The difference for each purchase, whether it’s premium or sport, package or skis only, the Frisco Christy is charging $4.80 more for Loveland ski rentals than its downslope sister. Cat fight. While that $4.80 may not sound like much, it’s a 21% markup on the Premium Package price of $23.36 and then all the way up to a 33% hike on just Sport Skis Only, which is $14.36. And keep in mind these are “walk in off the street” prices. They don’t include our Christy Discount. Oh, and Loveland charges $45 for a premium package.

So do the smart thing. Rent skis for Loveland at the Colorado Mills location. It’ll save you time, hassle, and money. Or my name ain’t Nathan Arizona.

What About Ski Rentals in Idaho Springs?

Fair question. There are two ski and snowboard rental spots between our favorite Christy location and Loveland. They are in Idaho Springs and Dumont. Dumont is the last stop along I-70 before turning onto Highway 40 to head up Winter Park, Granby Ranch, and even Steamboat, and we can save you some money at the Breeze location in Dumont with this ski rental discount. But these shops are small and aren’t known for having deep stocks of gear or clientele that is particular. Which is to say that your wishes and demands will be harder to meet here, and they might not even have your gear in store. You can find luck here if you forget to rent skis for Loveland in Denver, but it’s just a bit too risky to depend on, because if they miss, you are certain to pay way more wherever you go for whatever you can find.


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