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Powderhorn Ski in Ski Out Lodging

powderhorn ski in ski out lodging

So lookit, I didn’t do a great job of getting the best picture of this place. I am the worst. However, there aren’t any good exterior pics of this place on their own site, so I don’t feel so bad. Worse instead of worst. At any rate, this is truly the only ski in ski out lodging at Powderhorn. While this is typically a big deal, there are two other condo blocks that are just a few steps away, so their exclusivity only goes so far.

Just as with Valley View Condos, they don’t have a great website to see all the different rooms and features and such, but the lodge part is pretty solid and old school swanky. They might have filmed Hot Tub Time Machine here. Probably.

It looks like they have about 15 units, ranging from 1-2 bedrooms. Some have bunkbeds and sleepers. All units are listed at $159/night, but that seems like a glitch on their website. It’s probably a good estimate, but expect the cost to range a little from this price point. Higher during Christmas/New Years and lower in the summer.

As with the other block lodging here, it doesn’t seem to have too many–if any–extra amenities, such as laundry, gym, pool, spa, etc. Most people don’t come up here for that, but just setting your expectations.

Powderhorn Ski in Ski Out Lodging

If ski in ski out is a big deal or even a dealbreaker for you, Slopeside at Powderhorn is all there is. In our opinion, it’s not that necessary on this particular mountain, since all of the lodging is so close, but some people like to be able to say they stayed ski-in, ski-out and avoid a few extra steps. The good news here is that the ski in/out lodging in Powderhorn is not too much more expensive than all of the other lodging, so you don’t even have a downside if this is your game. Hopefully, they will update their site and give us some better pictures and information. 

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