Snowcat Skiing

Ski Cooper Chicago Ridge Snowcat Skiing

ski cooper snowcat interior

Chicago Ridge Snowcat Tours operates out of the Ski Cooper area and will give you access to 1,400 feet of vertical skiing on Chicago Ridge (Behind Ski Cooper). Tours last a full day and guests can get as many as 12 runs.


Snowcat tours include lunch at the Yurt; provided by the snowcat guides. The snowcat also features a heated interior with a cd player. You can see the interior of the snowcat in the photo to the right.

The photo below is a sized-down composite image of Chicago Ridge. Click on the image to view a larger version.

chicago ridge ski cooper panorama


The image below was shot while facing down Chicago Ridge, looking back towards Ski Cooper.

ski cooper wideshot


In the photo below you can see the yurt where the snowcat tours stop for lunch.

chicago ridge ski cooper yurt


Ski Cooper Cat Skiing