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Ski Cooper Discount Lift Tickets 2019-2020

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The lift ticket prices that are shown below have been updated for the 2019-2020 ski season. These prices are valid for ski passes that are purchased at the Ski Cooper ticket window.


Ticket Category Ticket Window Our Price Deals
Adults Full Day (Ages 15+) $62 $59
Adult Half Day $49 N/A
Kids Full Day (6-14) $39 $37
Children Under 5 FREE N/A
Senior (60-69) $49 N/A
Senior (70+) $39 N/A
Senior (80+) FREE N/A

Lift tickets are also available for 2 or 3 days. Also, for just $18 you can buy a ticket for your child that is valid for the magic carpet surface lift only.

18 little minutes more

According to Google Maps, it takes 1 h 39 min to get to Vail from Denver. It also says it takes 1 h 57 min to get to Ski Cooper. Just 18 minutes more and you can have a completely opposite day as you would in Vail…as it pertains to your wallet, and lines, and time skiing.

Expenses Vail Ski Cooper
Lift Ticket $209 $62
Mileage/Time 97.2 miles/1 h 39 min 108 miles/1 h 57 min
Parking $25 Free
Gas ($3.25 price/gallon) $12.63 (assuming 25 mpg) $14.04 (assuming 25mpg)
Total $236.63 $76.04
Cat Skiing N/A $369

Now, Ski Cooper also offers the Chicago Ridge Snowcat Tours. The price for a day on this kitty is $369 (before tip). So instead of going to Vail for 3 times in the season (assuming you don’t have a pass), and you went to Ski Cooper instead, possibly even saving more more money by buying discount Ski Cooper lift tickets through Liftopia. You could save more than enough to afford that cat trip, and leave a really nice tip. Just 18 little minutes…

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