Backcountry Snowcat Skiing Operations

colorado snowcat skiing

San Juan Ski Company

The San Juan Ski Company operates powder snowcat skiing tours in the San Juan Mountain Range (SW Colorado). Guests will get to ski 10+ runs in a day here. Snowcat tours can be booked on a per/person or full snowcat rental basis. There are also packages available that include powder skiing lessons and powder ski rentals. You can see more details and book through the link below.

San Juan Snowcat

This company operates backcountry skiing tours in the San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado. You can book a snowcat ride as an individual or you can reserve a full snowcat for your group. Avalanche beacons, probes, and shovels are provided for guests. Vacationers can also book snowmobile tours and snowcat sightseeing tours here. Visit the San Juan Snowcat website through the link below.

Resort Operated Snowcat Skiing Operations

Copper Mountain Cat Skiing

The Copper Mountain ski resort has a free snowcat service that gives skiers and riders access to Tucker Mountain. This can be a great way to find fresh powder at this ski resort. Click on the link below for photos and more information about the snowcat operation here.

Copper Mountain Snowcat Skiing

Keystone Cat Skiing

Keystone offers cat skiing to skiers and snowboarders in the Independence Bowl and the other bowls surrounding the Keystone ski resort. There are private/group snowcat tours of the bowls above Keystone, and there is also a first-come/first-serve snowcat that gives vacationers easy access to the Outback Bowl.

Keystone Snowcat Skiing

Ski Cooper Cat Skiing

The snowcat at Ski Cooper operates on Chicago Ridge; just to the west of the ski area. You will find a respectable variety in terrain here that is accessible via the snowcat. Daily excursions include a lunch for your group.

Ski Cooper Snowcat Skiing

Colorado Snowcat Skiing