Snowcat Skiing

Keystone Backcountry Cat Skiing

keystone cat skiing

The Keystone Ski Resort offers guided snowcat tours to skiers and snowboarders. This service gives everyone access to the Independence Bowl, Bergman Bowl, Erickson Bowl, North Bowl, and the South Bowl. The South Bowl can also be accessed by hiking or via the Outback Shuttle.

Outback Snowcat Shuttle

This is a snowcat shuttle that takes skiers from the top of the Outback Express Chairlift to the top of the South Bowl. Snowcat rides here cost $5 and you must pay cash on the spot.

In the photos below you can see the backcountry bowls rising above the Keystone Ski Resort.

keystone cat skiing


keystone snowcat skiing


keystone backcountry cat skiing

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Keystone Snowcat Skiing