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Aspen Highlands Most Difficult Ski Trails

The most popular and arguably most difficult terrain at Aspen Highlands can be found in the Highland Bowl. This bowl can be seen in the photos above and below. You can find more information about this bowl here; Highland Bowl.

The photo below also shows the Temerity and Steeplechase areas of the mountain. These areas are accessible via the Loge Peak lift and the Deep Temerity lift. Here you will find steep ski trails cut into the side of the mountain. You will have a chance to look down onto this terrain as you ride up the Loge Peak lift. If you start to have second thoughts about tackling this terrain, you can still choose an easier route down the mountain if your ego will allow it.

Temerity and Steeplechase


In the photo below you can see the hiking route that gives skiers access to part of Temerity and the Highland Bowl.

aspen highlands expert skiing


Olympic Bowl

The Olympic Bowl on Aspen Highlands provides a short, fast, and challenging descent. Be sure to obey all closure signs here, and don’t go past the traverse out. If you get greedy and try to steal extra turns here, you could have a long hike back up the mountain.

aspen highlands olympic bowl
Aspen Highlands Expert Skiing