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Highland Bowl at Aspen Highlands

highland bowl

Highland Bowl Photos | Map | Skier Information

The Highland Bowl is located at the top of the Aspen Highlands ski area. The bowl is located within the ski area boundary but does not have any lift access. Skiers must access this terrain by hiking or taking the snowcat.

The top of this bowl is located at 12,392 feet above sea level. Skiers can gain access to approx. 1,500 vertical feet of skiing from the summit of the bowl down to the traverse out.

highland bowl


The photo above shows the view of the Highland Bowl from the top of Aspen Mountain. The trail map seen below shows the named routes and descents in the Highland Bowl. You can see the full trail map for this ski area on this page Aspen Highlands Trail Map.

highland bowl trail map

Highland Bowl Snowcat Information

The Highland Bowl snowcat operates when conditions permit. This snowcat does not transport skiers to the top of the bowl. The snowcat will bring you up to the first access gate of the Highland Bowl. You will need to hike from this point.

Highland Bowl