Aspen Highlands Mid-Mountain Restaurants & Warming Huts

There are three mid-mountain restaurants and warming huts on Aspen Highlands. Two of these are full service eateries and restaurants (Merry Go Round Restaurant and Cloud Nine Bistro). The third structure is a small warming hut that is located at the top of the Deep Temerity and Loge Peak ski lifts.

The Merry Go Round Restaurant is located at the top of the Exhibition Chairlift. This restaurant is accessible to beginner skiers and this is an ideal place for families to meet for lunch on the mountain. This mid-mountain lodge is located at 9,975 feet above sea level. You can see the Merry Go Round Restaurant in the photo below.

merry go round aspen highlands


The Cloud Nine Bistro is only accessible by intermediate and advanced skill level skiers. This mid-mountain restaurant can also be accessed by snowcat for dinner on a limited basis. Guests will enjoy gourmet meals here at an altitude of 10,740 feet above sea level. You can see the Cloud Nine Bistro in the photo below.

cloud nine bistro aspen highlands
Aspen Highlands Restaurants