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Aspen Mountain Tree Skiing

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Where to Ski Trees on Aspen Mountain | Glade Skiing

Aspen Mountain is one of the best ski resorts for tree skiing in Colorado. There are challenging and well-spaced trees throughout the mountain. This page displays some of the best areas for tree skiing at Aspen.


The photo above shows the area by the trails; Jackpot and Gentlemen’s Ridge. The Bingo Glades and Glades #1, #2, and #3 are also great tree skiing spots and these trails are all located in this area of the mountain.

In the photo below you can see gladed ski trails that descend down from International. This includes Short Snort, Caugg Dump, and Perry’s Prowl. This area is steep and challenging; consisting only of double black diamond ski runs.

aspen tree skiing


Some of the steepest tree skiing is located near the top of the mountain by Walsh’s Run and Kristi. You can see the steep aspen trees on the Kristi ski trail in the photo below.

kristi ski trail aspen


Bell Mountain is a popular area for tree skiing on Aspen Mountain. This area of Aspen has open black diamond runs with pine trees scattered throughout the hillside. Some of the main trails on Bell Mountain include Face of Bell, Back of Bell, and the Ridge of Bell. The Face of Bell is shown in the photo below.

bell mountain


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Aspen Mountain Tree Skiing