Oscar’s of Breckenridge

Tripadvisor Rating: 4.5

Address: 105 Main Street Breckenridge, between Wellington & Lincoln

Hours of Operation: 11a – 11p

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Oscar’s at Breckenridge is a quiet joint on Main Street and kind of a secret spot between The Warming Hut and Gold Pan Saloon. Oscar’s is a cross between Mexican and pub food. You will immediately get that pub vibe when you walk in and see the long line of draft taps from Colorado’s own brews, set against the bare wood bar. However, when you open the menu, you are going to see tacos and guacamole and margaritas before you notice the mac and cheese, along with other pub standbys. Don’t be fooled by the confusion of styles here; they can really cook at Oscar’s and this is pretty much how things are done in Colorado. An emulsion of different flavors without having to sacrifice the choice between Mexican and pub food, which can often be hard to decide when you are tired from all the ice on Peak 10 and mushing through the crowds on at the Base.

Like many places on Main Street, Oscar’s is not that big. However, be sure you know how to scope out this place before turning around at the crowds. There is more space than just what they appear to have in the front: tables in the back area that faces the mountain and room downstairs for more drinkers should they need a quiet place to swap powder stashes.

What They’re Known for: Their tacos. There are several different options, from fish to beef to chicken to pork, but more than this, they are priced right in a town where everything is expensive. Not hard to get full on a beer and three tacos for under $20. It’s even easier during happy hour.

What to Watch for: The place is bigger than it appears, but there are no big tables. So if you have a big group, get ready to be separated. Or even told there isn’t room. Travel light.

Price: $5 – $17

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