TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Address: 313 Main St., Frisco

Hours: 11:00a–10p


Prost is known throughout Frisco for all of their delicious beer and food options. This is no run-of-the-mill restaurant and when you come in, you will be delighted with the atmosphere and the fresh food. What mixes great with beer? Sausage! And Prost is proud to make it fresh at their location. In addition to the location in Frisco, you can enjoy beer and bar food throughout your time in CO as there are a few different locations to serve you best. When visiting Prost, be prepared to experience the beautiful scenery surrounding the place.

What They’re Known for: Prost is known for their delicious samplings of sausage and each one is made fresh in house so once they run out, they run out. You can experience new and different sausage flavors including an elk jalapeno and cheddar or a buffalo green chili and chipotle combination. There is a vast variety of beer choices to pair with your sausage as well to ensure you can savor the flavor for longer than a few bites.

What to Watch for: There are two main things you want to watch out for. There is an attached shop to the building, so you can browse through it and pick up some amazing finds to take home with you. Also, you want to keep an eye on the time since the restaurant fills up quickly and finding a seat inside can prove to be difficult without waiting your turn.

Price: $3-$10

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