Silverheels Bar & Grill

Silverheels Bar & Grill

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 601 Main St, Frisco

Hours: Silverheels Bar & Grill is open every day 11:30a–10p


Many places in Frisco will tell you that they are the best in town, but Silverheels Bar & Grill doesn’t brag for themselves, they let their customers do it for you. They do advertise on their website that they strive to bring the freshest and most natural food available to your table as well as excellent service. When they say this, they’re not kidding. The seafood is as fresh as you can get in a landlocked state, and their steaks are always cooked perfectly to order.

Along with their many great dinner options (there really is something for everyone on this menu), they also offer over 50 different wines as well as both local and nationally recognized beers for your enjoyment. They have a very knowledgeable staff from their servers and bartenders to their kitchen staff, and they are always very helpful and friendly. For such a busy place they do their best not to make you wait longer than is necessary. Calling ahead or making a reservation online can potentially prevent this wait time altogether.

What They’re Known for: A place in Frisco that prides itself on fresh food and great service, Silverheels Bar & Grill is best known for their outstanding selection of meals ranging from steaks to fresh fish and even natural chicken, all seasoned and cooked perfectly by an experienced chef.

What to Watch for: Thanks to their amazing service and food alike, Silverheels Bar & Grill is one of the most popular places in Frisco to get a great bite to eat. But this also makes them very busy. To eat here during peak season especially, you should consider calling ahead or making your reservations online.

Price: $8-$25+

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Silverheels Bar & Grill