Grand Lodge Review

grand lodge crested butte

Review of The Grand Lodge Crested Butte

We stayed in The Grand Lodge Crested Butte at the very end of the 2014 ski season, and we wanted to stay there in particular because we get regular questions about this place. We think this might stem from some confusion on TripAdvisor’s Grand Lodge page, where they list 4.5 stars in some places and 3.0 in others. You are right to be confused and concerned. But we’ve got your back.

Grand Lodge  Rooms

We were on a work trip when we stayed here, and we truly liked this spot because there were two work areas as well as a kitchen. I think most people aren’t working when they come to Crested Butte, but just know there are a couple of spots–beside the beds–where you can play around on your computer and tablets.

There are 220+ rooms, and I believe the one where we stayed was the standard room, but there are also suites for bigger family stays. Ours had a mini kitchen with a coffee maker, stove, microwave, and a fridge. There were even plates and silverware in the cabinents. There were two queen beds, but one was a murphy bed so the standard room feels huge when the bed is up.

Everything in the room was very nice and new, and I believe anyone who stays in The Grand Lodge is going to like their arrangement.

Grand Lodge Amenities

It was the Monday after the last day of the season, so there wasn’t a lot that was open, such as the Health Spa or the Woodstone Grille. However, I used the Fitness Center, the pool, and the hot tub. Not sure what to tell you here. There were all up to snuff, depending on what you like. The fitness center was big enough to do the trick, but I was the only one in there. I can imagine when there are tons of guests that you are stepping over each other in there.

The pool is indoor/outdoor, which helps give you a warmer runway and landing strip when the weather is chilly.


In terms of other amenities, we talked with the guy at the front desk, and it seemed they have about everything you could want, and they can get anything they don’t have. Their concierge desk took a level of pride in being able to provide for guests in a way that you don’t typically find. A welcome change.

And it would be hard to find a better reading spot than their fireplace.

Grand Lodge Distance to Ski & dining

This is the true test, right? I wasn’t wearing ski boots, but I timed my walk from the back door to the point where I would have put my skis on. It was right at four minutes. You can make this quicker, by hiking up and back a little and then skiing down. It is a bit father than this from your room, obviously.

I’m going to let you in on an industry secret. A 3-5 minute walk to your lodging is typically the best lodging you can get. The stuff that is super close, like the Whetstone Condos that are right in front of the Silver Queen Lift, they were built first, in the early 60s. The Grand Lodge…well I’m not sure when it was built, but when you look at it, you know it is at least 40 years newer than the lodging that is closer. So 3-5 minutes is the perfect amount of time, because it is as close as you can get to skiing without giving up any of the new world amenities.

As for dining, Mount Crested Butte has probably 10 restaurants within a few minutes of walking from The Grand Lodge. But the town of Crested Butte is two miles away. Free buses run every 15 minutes. And the town of CB has lots to offer, all right on Elk Ave (main street). It is worth the hike, and you don’t need a car or cab.


Stars are kind of cheesey to us, but The Grand Lodge Crested Butte is a great value spot for a couple or family. Very nice, plenty of room, close to the lifts, walk to anything, and enough amenities to keep everyone busy and happy if the snow or weather isn’t cooperating. I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t like it here.

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