TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Address: 620 Gothic Road, C-130, Crested Butte (Mountaineer Square)

Hours: Open Tuesday–Sunday 4p–10p


If you’re in the Crested Butte area, then you cannot miss your chance to enjoy a meal at Django’s Restaurant & Wine Bar. A locally owned restaurant, Django’s moves towards a unique dining experience that their customers have learned to love. They feature many small plate meals and sharing many of these small plates with a significant other or even a group is widely encouraged. Served one small plate at a time you get a chance to enjoy many different menu items in one meal.

There is a rotating menu but the roasted Brussel sprouts and duck breast would have to be among the most popular dish. This is a great place for having drinks with friends after a long day on the slopes. On the other hand it may not be as favored by young children. (Plus a kid’s endless appetite could have your bill steadily growing as each small plate gets devoured…) Their wine list is on the expensive side, but if you can also find the middle ground between a glass and a bottle with one of the Quartino selections.

What They’re Known for: The many different small plate dishes. If you like to share and sample or simply don’t want a full-size entrée, this is a great spot for you. These small plate dishes change frequently but each is as creative and delicious as the previous, making a dining style you will not forget.

What to Watch for: Judging the wine list prices from the food menu. Compared to many people’s expectations, the food is quite reasonably priced, while the wine seems to have a steeper markup.

Price: $5-$25

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