Trail Map

Powderhorn Mountain Trail Map

They give these away at the resort, so you can take a hand-held Powderhorn trail map with you. But those can be tough to tuck away and fold with ski gloves, and even more difficult if it’s windy. So here are some other options. One, load up this page on your phone so that you can always access it, even if you don’t have reception on the mountain. (I use AT&T and had good bars.) Two, there are maps posted all around the resort. In the Powderhorn Base Lodge area (downstairs) and beside the base chair lift. And also at the top of both chair lifts. While these posts are great to access, they won’t help you in the middle of the mountain if you take a wrong turn or just need to find an easier or faster way down. So it’s always smart to bring a backup trail map, even if you never use it.

Powderhorn Trail Map