Hiking Terrain

Telluride Hiking Terrain

telluride hiking terrain

The photo to the right shows the hiking route that begins at the top of the Prospect Bowl Express. This path will take you along the top of the Black Iron Bowl and up to Palmyra Peak.

In the photo below you can see the beginning of the hiking route on the right. The path then ascends up to the top of Palmyra Peak in the center of the photo.

There is also a hiking route that starts at the top of the Revelation Lift. This route will give you access to the Gold Chutes. You can see photos of this area towards the bottom of this page.

telluride hiking terrain


Palmyra Peak

This is some of the most extreme skiing at Telluride. Access to this area is also the most difficult out of all the hike-to-terrain. It can take up to 2 1/2 hours for skiers and riders to reach the top of Palmyra Peak.

telluride hiking terrain



Black Iron Bowl

This bowl is easily accessed from the top of the Prospect Bowl Express Lift. The hiking time will vary depending upon which route you are taking down the mountain. The hike is typically 5-25 minutes long.

The photos below were taken from the top of the Gold Hill Express (Chair #14). These images shows different portions of the Black Iron Bowl.

telluride hike to terrain


telluride bowls


telluride upper bowls


The last photo below shows some of the terrain on Genevieve and La Rosa.

telluride hike to terrain


Gold Hill Chutes

Gold Chute #1 is accessible without any hiking. Chutes 2-10 require a short hike that will vary in length depending on which chute you want to ski down. The hiking route begins at the top of the Revelation Chairlift. The signs that you see in the photo below are located at the top of this lift and these will tell you which chutes are open to the public.

Bald Mountain

To get to the Bald Mountain access gates; you will need to take the Prospect Bowl Express to the trail called Galloping Goose. Just a short way down this trail you will see the gates that can give you access to the Bald Mountain hiking terrain.

telluride hiking terrain


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