Luigi’s Sports Bar

Luigi’s Sports Bar & Pizzeria

TripAdvisor Rating: 5.0

Address: 411 S Main Street, Suite 5, Breckenridge

Hours: Open every day 11a-2:30a


Luigi’s is a small restaurant tucked away in Breckenridge, and it is a gem of a place that’s for sure. If you love pizza then Luigi’s has got to be on your menu one day or another during your trip. Even the wonderful aroma of fresh pizza is mouthwatering, and that’s before you’ve even ordered. They have some of the best pizza in town made with the best ingredients.

Along with their amazing pizzas, you can enjoy many craft beers and select wines. The bartenders and wait staff are all very attentive and provide high quality service for such a place. Despite the availability of adult beverages, this is still a great, family-friendly place to eat lunch or dinner after a long day on the slopes.. You will be happy you went.

What They’re Known for: If you are looking for outstanding pizza, then Luigi’s Sports Bar & Pizzeria is the best in Breckenridge. Made with all fresh and delicious ingredients you won’t find a better thin crust around.

What to Watch for: There really aren’t too many complaints about Luigi’s. But, of course, if you aren’t a pizza fan, then you might want to look elsewhere.

Price: $5-$20

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Luigi's Sports Bar & Pizzeria