Montana’s Mexican Cantina

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 520 South Main St, Breckenridge

Hours: 10a-close (12a-2:30a)


When you are looking for a casual night on your trip to Breckenridge, you will be glad you came across Montana’s Mexican Cantina. It is just the right mix of simple atmosphere, delicious Mexican food and great drinks all for a price that is rather affordable. If you’ve been splurging on more upscale dining experiences and events, it can be nice to have a break at a more casual place. All the food and drinks are reasonably priced and rather large portions for the amount you pay.

The service at Montana’s is excellent, and you don’t often have to wait long for a table. Even if you do wait for a table, there may be room at the bar while you wait. You cannot miss out on the margaritas at Montana’s. They come highly recommended. The food is said to be made with all-natural and fresh ingredients and the burritos and nachos are some of the most recommended dishes.

What They’re Known for: Montana’s Mexican Cantina is best known for serving amazing margaritas that have different twists depending on what you order. Not too strong but not a weak drink either.

What to Watch for: Expecting a lot of specialty dishes. The menu is dominated by tacos and burritos. On the other hand, if the one thing you have to have is good salsa, they have a good selection to fit all preferences.

Price: $4-15

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Montanas Mexican Cantina