Soupz On

Soupz On

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Address: 400 North Park Avenue, Unit 2B, Breckenridge

Hours: 11a–6p


Located conveniently in a shopping center, Soupz On is a great place to stop and have a delicious lunch or dinner. One of the best things about the location is that you can shop all day and stop on by to unwind before heading home. Soupz On has a menu that is constantly rotating the soups offered in house on a daily basis. You can enjoy a fresh sampling of all types of soups, sandwiches, bread, and salad. The restaurant specializes in a variety of flavors including spicy and savory. In addition, many of the options are great for vegetarians and gluten free.

What They’re Known for: Soupz On is known for their delicious soup, fresh bread, and salad mixtures. The restaurant specializes in different combinations of soups so you are not getting the boring tomato soup or plain chicken and noodle. You can indulge in favorites like sun-dried tomato risotto, elk stroganoff, and even spinach and feta cheese. Guests also love the fresh bread that comes with every order of soup and you could fill up alone on it.

What to Watch for: If you’re looking for a specific soup, call ahead and ask whether or not it’s on the menu. Soupz On rotates its selections every day so you will never find two of the same soups within the same couple of days. The atmosphere is similar to a fast food restaurant so when you come here, expect to grab a quick bite and hit the road—or the slopes—again.

Price: $3-$8+

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Soupz On