Beginner Skiing

Copper Mtn Green Trails

You can find the easiest ski trails at Copper Mountain near the Union Creek/West Village base area. The High Point and Kokomo lifts will give you access to several easy ski trails. There is also a surface carpet here that can be used by new skiers who don’t want to ride the chairlift yet.

copper mountain beginner skiing


You can see a few of the easiest ski trails on the mountain in the photos above and below. Both of these photos were taken in the Union Creek/West Village area.

copper mountain beginner skiing


As you get farther away from the West Village/beginner skiing side of the mountain… the trails will continuously get more difficult. However, there are a few beginner routes that descend from the top of the American Flyer chairlift (top of the mountain); so beginner skiers and snowboarders are not limited to a small amount of terrain for their entire experience. Check out the Copper Mountain trail map to get a better idea of where the easiest ski trails are located.

Copper Mountain Beginner Trails