Bowl Skiing

Bowl Skiing and Snowboarding at Copper Mountain

copper mountain bowls

Copper Mountain has a great contrast of terrain between the lower and upper mountain areas. There is lots of easy ski terrain at the bottom of the mountain while the bowl skiing at copper provides challenging expert ski terrain and a great place to find fresh snow on powder days.

On this page you’ll find photos and information about the following bowls at Copper Mountain;

The photo to the right shows the Spaulding and Resolution bowls – as seen from the top of the Breckenridge ski resort on a cloudy day.

Resolution Bowl

The Resolution Bowl begins with a steep headwall and then flattens out into some easier ski terrain. You can access this bowl from the top of the Super Bee chairlift or the Excelerator chairlift. The Resolution Bowl is not recommended for beginner or intermediate skiers.

resolution ski bowl


In the photo above you can see one of the steepest parts of the Resolution Bowl. The image below shows a small mogul field on the lower part of the bowl.

resolution bowl


Copper Bowl

The Copper Bowl is located on the backside of Union Peak. To get to the Copper Bowl; you will need to ride the Rendezvous lift or traverse from the Storm King surface lift at the top of Copper Peak.

This bowl has some of the most difficult ski terrain at Copper Mountain. By traversing up the West Ridge from the top of the Mountain Chief lift, you can access fresh snow, huge cliffs, and increasingly challenging terrain. You can also use the Copper Bowl to get to Tucker Mountain and the Copper Mountain Snowcat Operation.

copper mountain


The images above and below show some of the most difficult terrain in the Copper Bowl.

copper bowl


Spaulding Bowl

The Spaulding bowl can be accessed from the top of Copper Peak and the Storm King surface lift. There are several small cliffs and drop-offs here, and this terrain is designated for experts only. The Spaulding Bowl merges with the resolution bowl and skiers can ride the Resolution chairlift back to the top of the mountain.

copper spaulding bowl


Union Bowl

The Union Bowl is located on the front side of Copper Mountain. The top of Union Peak is located just above 12,000 feet and this a great place to find steep ski terrain. There is lots of difficult ski trails here, but the terrain is not as difficult as the bowls on the backside of the mountain.

You can see a few different views of the Union Bowl in the photos below.

union bowl at copper


union bowl


You can see some beginner ski trails at the bottom of the photo below. These trails can be accessed from the Rendezvous lift and you don’t need to ski the Union Bowl to get to them.


Copper Mountain Bowl Skiing