How Is Telemark Lodge

How is the Telemark Lodge?

Telemark Lodge is just okay overall. It has a three star rating from Trip Advisor, and with only 13 reviews at present. If you visit Trip Advisor often enough, you know that Telemark Lodge has the markings of a place that is not bad enough to log in and put on blast, and not good enough to give a great rating. So again, just okay.

It has its good points. It’s a short walk, maybe 150 yards from the American Flyer lift. And it’s going to be very affordable compared to most other lodging this close to a major US ski resort. So if you are hunting a good value, Telemark may be it. 

We have not stayed there, but having read the reviews and talked to some friends and visitors who have, I wouldn’t hesitate to stay here in some instances. And I wouldn’t consider it in others. When we are with the boys, and likely only there to sleep, great spot. If I am taking my wife or heading for a trip with couples, I’d look elsewhere.

We have heard that they are looking to renovate, so if you decide to stay here, definitely ask to stay in one of the newly-renovated rooms, if there are any. Pro tip.

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