Best Time to Rent

When is the best time to buy snowboarding equipment in Copper Mountain?

Many people like to buy snowboards at Copper Mountain after the season is over to get a good deal on last year’s models. Copper is a snowboarder’s hill, so many flock here in the late season to grab some deals on boards and boarding equipment. There are two best times to buy that we have noticed. One is the last week–maybe two–of the season. And the other is between late September and mid-October.

The last week of the season in Copper Mountain is pretty easy to spot, as they will post this online. More than that, the entire Mountain of Copper will be shutting down its skiing operations the morning after this date. The less stuff they have, the less stuff they have to manage and store. Even if you don’t see something on sale, just ask. They will not necessarily be in EVERYTHING MUST GO mode, but they might be. Never hurts to ask.

The pre-season sales are great, too. They are typically not as good, but still good. And you can find these sales in other places outside Colorado, such as the SNIAGRAB across Denver and the mountain resorts. 

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